San Francisco History

Seventy-five Years in San Francisco


I [William Heath Davis] am indebted to Mr. James Alexander Forbes, Jr., for the following list of arrivals and vessels of California ports from 1774 to 1847. Mr. Forbes for years occupied the post of official government translator and keeper of the Spanish and Mexican archives in the United States surveyor-general's office for the district of California; without his aid I could not have obtained any data concerning the earlier shipping.

He was the son of the well-known pioneer James A. Forbes, who during his lifetime was esteemed and respected by all who had social and business relations with him. J. A. Forbes, Jr., was educated in Santa Clara College and, being a master of several languages, obtained the position of official translator of the laws of California in the years 1867, 1868, 1869, 1870; he had the reputation of being the most accurate translator and fluent interpreter in the state.

His father came to California in the year 1829; he was British vice-consul for many years. He married a native California lady of Castilian descent. He was a highly educated gentleman speaking the English, Spanish, and French languages with great accuracy and fluency; it was very entertaining and instructive to listen to his conversation. During his consulate his official acts gave satisfaction to his government, and his private life was irreproachable. His death occurred in 1881, at the ripe age of 79 years; he left a family of ten children.

[NOTE—this is not a complete list of ships that sailed along the California coast. I have included the names of other vessels and information which has been referenced in this work (these appear within brackets).—R.F.]

Príncipe, July 24.
San Carlos.
[San Carlos.]
San Carlos, San Antonio, June 6th.
San Carlos, arrives on the coast July 22. Order for vessels that bring supplies to take back salt, March 8th.
[Santiago (aka Neuva Galicia).]
Garland (Spanish brig), captured by an English man-of-war, June 7th, 1779.
Princesa and Favorita, anchored in the Bay or Port of San Francisco on the 15th of September, 1779. The vessels belonged to His Majesty King of Spain and came on an exploring expedition under command of Don Ygnacio Ortega. They reached up to 65 degrees and some minutes north latitude and did not go to 70 degrees north latitude as ordered because the coast turned to the south.
San Carlos, arrives at San Diego February 15.
[Santiago (aka Neuva Galicia).]
[Santiago (aka Neuva Galicia).]
Favorita, July 27.
San Carlos, June 2.
Favorita (Spanish man-of-war), October 25th.
Spanish war ships, with materials for Presidio buildings. Order prohibiting passengers on board vessels to carry more than 2 pounds of tobacco, October 5th.
Aranzazu (Spanish frigate), February 11th
Favorita, September 29th
Princesa, September 21st
Santa Lucía, June 7th
Aranzazu, January 6th.
Astrolabe and Boussole (French), January 6th.
Astrolabe and Boussole (French), anchored at Monterey, with La Pérouse, the explorer, April 12th.
Princesa, at Monterey, February 27th.
San Carlos, September 29th.
Aranzazu (frigate), December 21st, came into port and Mateo Rubio, a soldier, was wounded by the firing of a cannon.
Princesa, at Santa Barbara, October 8th.
San Carlos, September 7th.
Aranzazu (frigate), at Santa Barbara, October 2.
Aranzazu, Juan Hendrick, captain, January 25th.
Aranzazu (Spanish frigate), Juan Bautista Matute, captain. He says to the Governor of the Department: "By last advices from the Court of Madrid, which I delivered at Nootka, it appears that the King does not wish that port to be abandoned." Monterey, June 12th.
Aranzazu, August 22d.
Concepción (frigate), at anchor in Nootka harbor with Ramón Antonio Saavedra, March 7th.
Princesa, October 24th, saw unknown vessel in distress in Pichilingue Bay.
Princesa (Spanish frigate), arrived at Loreto with Naturalist José Longinos Martínez and Jaime Sensevé, Botanist, to make collections for the Museum of Natural History, October 25th.
English launches, arrived at Santa Cruz and precautions were taken to prevent men from landing, November 30th. The English launches depart and cause no disorder, December 1st.
English vessel, at Santa Cruz, November 30th.
Aranzazu (frigate), bound for Nootka from Monterey, July 12.
Aranzazu, October 22nd, at Santa Barbara; at Monterey, November 14.
Chatham (American), Peter Puget, master.
Chatham, at Monterey, November 2nd.
Concepción (frigate), April 26th.
Concepción (frigate), wrecked off Pichilingue Bay, Lower Cal., July 5th.
Concepción, in San Diego, December 17th.
Discovery, at Monterey, November 5th.
Discovery (English), with Vancouver on board. Expedition under Vancouver arrived the second time on November 6th.
Horcasitas (sloop), August 29th.
Mexicana, February 28th.
Mexicana, at San Francisco, June 10th.
Princesa, January 17th.
Saturnina, August 5th.
Sutil, February 28th.
Aranzazu, September 23rd.
Achilles (English), May 22nd.
Active (English war vessel), with an English Commissioner on board, March 3rd.
Phoenix (English), September 10th.
Resolution (English), February 6th.
Resolution (English man-of-war), Juan Loche, captain, seeking supplies that were furnished September 6th, at San Diego, October 1st.
Concepción (Spanish frigate), from Manila, anchored at Santa Barbara, July 25th.
Loreto (sloop), July 25th.
Providence (English man-of-war), Commander W. Broughton, at Monterey.
Sutil, arrived July 11th.
American ship, Captain Dows forcibly put on shore eleven foreigners from his vessel, October 6th.
Several vessels sighted off the coast, July 4th.
Three more large vessels seen off the coast, May 11th.
Unknown large vessel seen off the coast, May 23rd.
Concepción and Princesa (Spanish frigates), have come to guard the ports of California, March 7th, and April 13th.
Magallanes (Spanish), at Santa Barbara, December 5th.
Paquebot S. Carlos, wrecked and lost in the harbor of San Francisco, March 23rd.
Princesa (Spanish frigate), at Santa Barbara, May 27th.
Princesa, seen off the coast of San Diego, July 22; and the same vessel at San Diego, October 20th.
San Carlos, April 14th.
Santa Barbara (Spanish war vessel), Commander Goycochea, keeps guard up and down the coast, to see if they can discover the American Ship Fama, but see nothing.
Active (brig), March 31st.
Concepción, October 19th.
Fama (American ship), January 7th.
Magallanes, March 31st.
Otter, Ebenezer Dow, captain.
Eliza (English), James Rowan, captain, June 12th.
Eliza, Captain James Rowan writes to Pedro Alberín, Comandante of San Francisco, about getting wood and water, November 10th.
Mercedes, (English sloop-of-war) at San Diego, July 6th.
Betsy (American), at San Diego August 11th.
Nuestra Señora de la Concepción (Spanish frigate), August 25th.
Princesa (Spanish frigate), August 25th.
Enterprise (American), at San Diego, July 3rd.
Alexander (American), John Brown, captain, Feb 7th.
Alexander (American), John Brown, captain, at San Diego, March 13th.
Catalina, 12 guns and 62 men was ordered off the coast, but did not go October 15th.
Lelia Byrd (American), W. Shater, captain, at San Diego February 15th.
San Joaquín (Mexican Schooner) and Lelia Byrd (American), in San Diego, June 20th.
Santa Ana (Mexican schooner).
Active (English man-of-war), September 13th.
Hazard, September 6th.
O’Cain (American), O’Cain, captain, March 24th. 60 men, 15 canoes, 5 boats, and 16 guns, went into San Quentin for repairs and provisions, when ready was ordered off the coast, but stayed until she had killed all the otter from Rosario to Santo Domingo.
Racer (American), lands soldiers at Ensenada.
O’Cain (American), José O’Cain, master, in San Luis Obispo January 2nd.
Juno (Russian), Resanoff, captain and agent of Russian-American Fur Company, at San Francisco April 16th.
Peacock (American), the captain captured three Spanish soldiers that were rescued by giving up four American prisoners; Monterey, July 15th.
Racer (American), at San Diego July 16th.
Alert, Caleb Winship, captain.
Racer (American), at San Diego, July 25th.
Mercurio, Jorge, captain, June 19th. Captured by Nicolás Noé, captain, of the Flora (Spanish war vessel), detained at Santa Barbara until September 3rd, following.
Isaac Todd, Frazer Smith, captain, February 21st.
Raccoon (English), W. Black, captain, March 29th.
Columbia, July 18th.
Albatross (smuggler), W. Smith, captain, January 25th.
Colonel (English) October 10th.
Eagle (American), Willaim Heath Davis, captain and owner, at Refugio.
Lydiá (American), Henry Gyzelaar, captain. Extraordinary proceedings: She was taken off the Refugio Rancho near Santa Barbara, by Californians, who sailed with her to Monterey, February 5th. The Governor of the Department sets the Lydiá free; she was an American smuggler, March 9th.
Rurick (Russian ship), Kotzebue, captain.
Rubio, Kalzule, Rurick (Russian), October 15th.
Suvárof, Chiríkof and Ermenia (Russian), at San Francisco, September 16th.
Padushkin, a Russian officer, came to San Francisco with small boats with a letter from St. Petersburg to the Governor, April 10th.
Caminante, W. Smith Wilcox, captain, March 13th.
La Cazadora (Spanish frigate), at Monterey, September 30th.
Argentina and Santa Rosa, Hypolite Bouchard, captain, insurgent vessels or privateers, November 22nd.
San Ruperto (Spanish), with all the crew sick with the scurvy, arrived at Monterey, February 14th.
Cossack, Pablo de la Portilla, captain, arrives with troops from Mazatlan, August 17th.
Nueva Reina de los Angeles, August 10th.
Nueva Reina de los Angeles, at San Diego, September 6th.
San Carlos (Spanish), arrives with munitions of war, etc., at Monterey, August 25th.
British frigate, May 30th.
Rita (frigate).
San Francisco Javier (brig), October 8th.
Apollo, December 19th.
Eagle (American schooner), seized by the Government for smuggling, August 1st, and sold at auction at Santa Barbara, November 8th.
[Orion (British whaler), William A. Richardson arrived at the San Francisco Presidio on this ship as a chief mate.]
San Carlos, March 10th.
Apollo, January 20.
Apolonia, September 25th.
Buldákof (Russian), August 31st.
Eagle (American), William Heath Davis, captain.
Massachusetts (American), October 6th.
Mentor, November 12th.
[Rover (American schooner), J. B. R. Cooper, master.]
Tartar, July 24th.
[Thaddeus (American schooner).]
Buldákof, January 8th.
Buldákof, August 12th.
Creiser (French man-of-war), December 2nd.
John Begg, John Lincoln, master, September 25th.
Predpriate, October 8th.
Reina, December 10th.
Rosanio, September 25th.
Apollo (whaler), at Santa Cruz.
Aquiles (Spanish man-of-war), P. Angulo, commander.
Arab (American brig).
Asia (Spanish man-of-war), José Martínez, commander, 70 guns, 400 men, surrendered at Monterey to the Mexican authorities.
Bengal (English).
Constante (Spanish man-of-war), surrendered with the Asia, and re-named Apolonia.
Elena (Russian brig), Moraviof, master.
Eliza (English brig).
Factor (American whaler), John Alexis, master.
Huascar (Peruvian brig), J. M. Oyaggüe, master, W. E. P. Hartnell, passenger.
Juan Battey, John Burton, master.
Junius (English brig), Carter, master.
Kiahkta (Russian brig).
María Ester (Mexican brig), Davis, master.
Merope (English), supposed to be the Espeleta.
Morelos, formerly San Carlos, Flaminio Agazini, commander.
Nile (American brig), Robert Forbes, master.
Pizarro (English brig).
Ploughboy (American whaler), Chadwick, master.
Recovery (English whaler), W. Fisher, master.
Rover (American schooner), J. B. R. Cooper, master.
Sachem (American), W. A. Gale, master.
Santa Rosa.
Spy (American schooner), George Smith, master.
Tamaahmaaha (American brig), John Michi, master.
Tartar (American schooner), Benj. Morrell, master.
Thomas, W. Clark, master.
Triton, Jean Opham, master.
Washington (American schooner), Robert Elwell, master, A. B. Thompson, supercargo.
Whaleman (whaler).
Adams (American), Danl. Fallon, master.
Alliance (American).
Argony (Russian brig), Inestrumo, master.
Baikal (Russian brig), Benseman, master.
Blossom (English exploring [man-of-war]), Beechey, commander.
Charles (American whaler).
Courier (American), W. Cunningham, master.
Cyrus (American schooner), David Hariens, master.
Gen. Bravo (Mexican brig) Meléndez captain.
Harbinger (American brig), J. Steel, master.
Inore (Hawaiian brig).
Mercury (American whaler), W. Austin, master.
Mero C. (American), Barcelo Juan, master.
Olive Branch (English brig), W. Henderson, master.
Paragon (American whaler), David Edwards, master.
Peruvian (American whaler), Alex. Macy, master.
Santa Apolonia (Mexican schooner), Manuel Bates, master, Sanchez Ramar supercargo.
Sirena, brought money to California.
Solitude (American), Chas. Anderson, master.
Speedy (English).
Theresa Maria (American), W. Gulnac, master.
Thomas Nowlan (English), W. Clark, master.
Timorelan (Hawaiian brig), seal and otter hunter at Santa Barbara.
Washington (whaler), Wm. Kelley, master.
Waverly (Hawaiian brig), W. G. Dana, master.
Andes, Seth Rodgers, master.
Baikal, Etholin, master.
Blossom (exploring expedition), Beechey, commander.
Courier, W. Cunningham, master.
Franklin, J. Bradshaw, master.
Fulham, H. Virmond, master.
Harbinger (American), J. Steele, master.
Héros, A. Duhaut-Cilly, master.
Huascar, J. M. Oyague, master.
María Ester, David J. Holmes, master.
Okhotsh, D. Zarambo, master.
Olive Branch (English), W. Henderson, master.
Sachem, W. A. Gale, master.
Solitude, J. Anderson, master.
Spy, George Smith, master.
Tamaahmaaha, J. Michi, master.
Thomas Nowlan, J. Wilson, master
Washington, R. Ewell, master.
Waverly, T. Robbins, master.
Young Tartar.
Andes, Seth Rodgers, master.
Baikal, Etholin, master.
Brillante, Waverly T. Robbins, master.
Clio, W. Williams, master.
Courier, W. Cunningham, master.
Emily, Marsham, master.
Franklin, J. Bradshaw, master.
Fulham, H. Virmond, master.
Funchal, S. Anderson, master.
Griffon, C. Pitnack, master.
Guibale, T. Robbins, master.
Harbinger, J. Steele, master.
Héros, A. Duhaut-Cilly, master.
Huascar, J. M. Oyague, master.
María Ester, Dav. J. Holmes, master.
Minerva, D. Cornelio, master.
Okhotsk, D. Zarembo, master.
Phoenix, W. Ratiguende, master.
Pocahontas, J. Bradshaw, master.
Rascow, W. Fisher, master.
Solitude, J. Anderson, master.
Sucre, Melendez, master.
Telemachus, J. Gillespie, master.
Thomas Nowlan, J. Wilson, master.
Times, W. Ross, master.
Verale, W. Deny, master.
Vulture, Richard Barry, master
Washington, R. Elwell, master.
Wilmantic, J. Bois, master.
Andes, Seth Rodgers, master.
Ann, Burnie, master.
Baikal, Benseman, master.
Brookline, W. A. Gale, master.
Dolly, W. Warden, master.
Franklin, J. Bradshaw, master.
Funchal, Stephen Anderson, master.
James Coleman, Hennet, master.
Joven Angustias.
María Ester, H. D. Fitch, master.
Okhotsh, D. Zarembo, master.
Planet, G. Rutter, master.
Rosalía, Bruna Colespedríguez, master.
Santa Barbara.
Susana, Swain, master.
Tamaahmaaha, J. Michi, master.
Thomas Nowlan, J. Wilson, master.
Trident, Felix Esterlin, master.
Volunteer, W. S. Hinckley, master.
Vulture, Rich. Barry, master.
Warren, W. Rice, master.
Washington, W. Kelly, master.
Waverly, T. Robbins, master.
Wilmington, John Bon, master.
Ayacucho, Joseph Snook, master.
Brookline, Jas. O. Locke, master.
Catalina, C. Christen, Eulogio de Célis, supercargo.
Chalcedony, Joe Steel, master.
Convoy (American brig), Perkins, master.
Cyrus, David Harriens, master.
Danube, Sam Cook, master.
Dryad, from Columbia river.
Emily, took prisoners to Santa Barbara.
Funchal, Stephen Anderson, master.
Globe, Moore, master.
Leonor, H. D. Fitch, master.
María Ester, J. A. C. Holmes, master.
Planet, John Rutter, master.
Pocahontas, John Bradshaw, master.
Seringapatam, grounded on Blossom Rock.
Thomas Nowlan, J. Wilson, master.
Volunteer, W. S. Hinckley, master; carried Joaquín Solís and his suite as prisoners to San Blas (banished.)
Washington, R. Elwell, master, carried horses to the Sandwich Islands.
Whaleman, Joseph Ruddock, master.
Ayacucho, John Wilson, master.
Baikal, Livovich, master.
[Brookline (ship).]
California, W. A. Gale, supercargo.
Catalina, Holmes, master, brought Government stores, and also Governor José Figueroa, in 1833.
Convoy (American brig), Pickens, master.
Dryad, brought Doctor David Douglas, botanist.
Fanny (whaler).
Globe, Moore, master.
Guadalupe, California built schooner by Joseph Chapman at San Pedro.
Harriet (whaler).
Leonor, H. D. Fitch, master.
Louisa (American bark), Geo. Wood, master.
Marcus, N. S. Bassett, master.
Margarita, carried J. M. Padres from Monterey.
Phoebe Ann, trades on the coast.
Pocahontas, Bradshaw, master.
Urup, D. Zarembo, master.
Volunteer, Jos. O. Carter, master
Whalehound (whaler).
Whaleman (whaler).
Wm. Little, Harry Carter, master.
American (whaler), November.
Anchorite (whaler).
Ayacucho, John Wilson, master; the fastest vessel on the coast up to the time she was beaten by the Volunteer, in 1833.
Balance, Ed. Daggett, master.
Bolivar [Liberator], Nye, master; all men sick with the scurvy; carried horses to the Sandwich Islands.
California, W. A. Gale, master.
Chalcedony, J. Steel, master.
Crusader (American brig), Thos. Hinckley, master.
Don Quixote (American bark), J. Meek, master.
Friend, L. B. Blindenberg, master.
Josephine, W. A. Richardson, master; lost at Santa Catalina Island.
Jóven Victoriano, September.
New Castle, Stephen Hersey, master.
Phoebe (whaler).
Planet, sailed from Boston with the California.
Pocahontas, Bradshaw, master.
Polifemia, Bradshaw, master.
Roxana, Frank Thompson, master.
Tranquilina, Geo. Prince, master.
Urup, D. Zarembo, master.
Victoria, Brewer, master.
[Volunteer (bark), Carter, captain.]
Waverly, W. Sumner, master.
Wm. Thompson, Stephen Potter, master.
Alert, Faucon, master [Thompson, master].
Ayacucho, Stephen Anderson, master [John Wilson, master, James Scott, supercargo].
Baikal, Livovich, master.
Bolivar [Liberator], Dominis, master [Nye, master].
California (American), Jas. Arthur [aka Arther], master, [Alfred Robinson, supercargo].
Catalina (Mexican brig), J. C. Holmes, master.
Charles Eves (English) B. T. Chapman, master.
Crusader, Thos. Hinckley, master.
Don Quixote, John Meek, master, W. S. Hinckley, supercargo.
Dryad (English brig).
Enriqueta, Lewis Young.
Facio, Santiago Johnson, master.
Fakeja, R. Smith, master.
Friend, L. B. Blindenherg, master.
General Jackson (American whaler).
Harriet Blanchard [schooner], [Joseph O.] Carter, master.
Helvetius (American whaler).
Isabel, J. C. Albert, master.
Kitty (American whaler).
Lagoda, J. Bradshaw, master.
Leónidas, formerly U.S. [vessel of war] Dolphin, J[uan] Malarín, master, [José Antonio Aguirre, supercargo].
Leonor, H. D. Fitch, master.
Loriot, Gorham H. Nye, master, [A. B. Thompson, supercargo].
Margarita (Mexican schooner).
[Newcastle (brig).]
North America, N. Richards, master.
[Planet (brig).]
Roxana, F. Thompson, master.
Santa Barbara (Mexican), T. M. Robbins, master.
Volunteer, Shaw, master, [Peck, supercargo].
[Alert (American), E. H. Faucon, master, Alfred Robinson, supercargo.]
Avon (American brig), W. S. Hinckley, master.
Ayacucho, J. Wilson, master.
Bonanza (English schooner).
By Chance, Hiram Covell, master.
California (American), Jas. Arthur, master.
Clarita (Mexican bark).
Crusader, W. A. Richardson, master.
Don Quixote, J. Meek, master.
Europe, properly called Urup, D. Zarembo, master.
Facio Santo, Johnson, master.
Jóven Dorotea, Benito Machado, master.
Lagoda, J. Bradshaw, master.
Leonor, H. D. Fitch, master.
Llama, W. M. Neill, master.
Loriot, Gorhain H. Nye, master.
Magruder, W. Taylor, master.
Margarita (Mexican).
Marta, Tim W. Ridley, master.
Morelos (Mexican sloop-of-war), Lieut. L. F. Manso, commander.
Natalia (Mexican), Juan Gómez, master. This was the brig Napoleon Bonaparte escaped on from Elba February 28, 1815.
Pacífico, consigned to J. A. Aguirre.
Peor es Nada (“Better than Nothing”), Ch. Hubbard, master.
[Pilgrim (brig), Frank Thompson, master.]
Polifemia, N. Rosenburg, master.
Refugio (Mexican), built at San Pedro.
Rosa (Sardinian), Nic Bianchi, master.
[Roxana (brig).]
South Carolina, Joe Steel, master.
Steriton (whaler).
Tansuero, L. Amist, master.
[Volunteer (bark), Carter, master.]
Wm. Sye, D. A. Riddle, master.
Alert (American), Faucon, master.
Avon (American brig), W. S. Hinckley, master.
Ayacucho, James Scott, master [John Wilson, master, James Scott, supercargo].
Bolivar [Liberator] (American brig), Dominis, master.
California (American), Jas. Arthur, master.
Catalina, R. Marshall, master.
Clementine (English brig), Jas. Hanley, master.
Diana (American brig).
Facio, James Johnson, master; grounded at San Pedro, and was saved by the Pilgrim.
Gange, H. Chaudiere, master.
Iolani, Jas. Rogers, master.
Juan José (Peruvian brig), consigned to Miguel Pedrorena.
Lagoda, Bradshaw, master, [Thomas Shaw, supercargo].
Leonor, H. D. Fitch, master.
Liverpool Packet (English whaler).
Loriot, Gorham H. Nye, master.
María Teresa (Mexican brig).
Mariguita, Ag. Poncabaré, master.
Matador, consigned to John Parrott, Léon Bonnett, master.
Peor es Nada, built at Monterey, by Joaquín Gómez.
Pilgrim, Ed. H. Faucon, master.
Polifemia, N. Rosenberg, master.
Primavera (Mexican brig), Carlos Bane owner and master.
Rosa, Nic. Bianchi.
Sitka, Basilio Wacodzy, master.
Trinidad (Mexican brig).
Washington (whaler).
Ayacucho (English brig), Wilson, master.
Brixon (English).
California (American), Arthur, master.
Catalina (Mexican brig), Snook, master.
[Clarion (schooner), John Paty, master. Renamed California.]
Convoy (American brig), otter hunter, Bancroft, master.
Europa (American), Winkworth, master.
Hector (American), Norton, master.
Isabella (Hawaiian), N. Spear, owner.
[Lagoda (ship), Bradshaw, master.]
Leónidas (Mexican), Gómez, master.
Loriot (American), J. Bancroft, master.
Peacock (U.S. sloop-of-war), Stribling, commander; flag-ship of Commodore Kennedy.
Peor es Nada, Gerald Kuppertz, master.
Pilgrim, Faucon, master.
Rasselas (American), Carter, master.
Sitka (Russian), Basil Wacoocky, master.
[Alert (American).]
Alciope (American), Curtis Clap, captain.
[Ayacucho (British brig), John Wilson, master, James Scott, supercargo.]
Baikal (Russian), Stephen Vouks, master.
Bolivar[Liberator] (American brig), G. H. Nye, master.
Cadboro (English) W. Brotchie, captain.
[California (American), Arther, master, William A. Gale, supercargo.]
California (Mexican schooner), H. [John] Paty, captain.
Catalina (Mexican brig), Snook, master.
City of Genoa (Chilian), at Monterey in December.
Clementine (English brig), Handley, captain.
Crusader (Colombian), came from Callao.
Delmira (Ecuador), Vioget, captain, M. Pedrorena, supercargo.
Diana (American brig), W. S. Hinckley, captain.
Harvest (American), A. Cash, master.
Indian (English whaler), Freeman, captain.
Iolani (Hawaiian schooner), Paty, master.
Kent (American bark), Stickney [Steel], captain.
[Lagoda, Bradshaw, master, Thomas Shaw, supercargo.]
Leonor (Mexican), Chas. Wolter, captain.
Llama (English), W. Brotchie, captain.
Loriot (American brig), otter hunter, Bancroft, captain.
Nancy (brig), Fautrel, captain.
Pilgrim (American brig), Faucon, master.
[Rasselas (ship), Carter, master.]
Sarah (American brig), Joseph Steel, captain.
Starling (English war vessel), Lieut. Kellert, commander.
Sulphur (English war vessel), Edward Belcher, commander.
Toward Castle (English), Emmett, master.
True Blue (Hawaiian), Ragsdale, captain.
Veloz Asturiano (Ecuador), C. V. Gafán, captain.
Vénus (French corvette), Petit Thonars, captain.
Alert (American), [D. P.] Penhallow, master, [Thomas B. Park, supercargo].
Ayacucho (English brig), Wilson, master.
Bolivar [Liberator] (American brig), Nye, master.
Cadboro (English).
California (American), Arthur, master.
[California (Mexican government schooner), Cooper, master.]
Catalina (Mexican brig), Snook, master, [Eulogio de Célis, supercargo].
Clarita (Mexican bark), Chas. Wolter, master, [Eulogio de Célis, supercargo]..
Commodore Rodgers, wrecked November 19th.
Daniel O’Connell (Colombian), Andrés Murcilla, master.
[Delmira (Ecuadorian/Peruvian brig), John Vioget, master, Miguel de Pedrorena, supercargo.]
[Don Quixote (Boston bark), John Paty, master ].
Fearnaught (English brig), R[obert H.] Dare, captain and owner.
Flibberty Gibbett (English schooner), Rodgers, master.
Index (English bark), Scott, master.
Kamamalu (American brig), formerly Diana, W. S. Hincklev, captain.
Kent (American bark), Stickney, master [Steel, master].
Leónidas (Mexican brig), Juan Malarín, master.
Nereid (English), W. Brotchie, captain.
Plymouth (American bark), Paty, master.
Rasselas (American), Barker, master.
Sitka (Russian), Wacoocky, master.
Sulphur (English man-of-war), Belcher, commander, December.
Vénus (French man-of-war), October.
Artémise (French frigate).
Ayacucho (English brig).
Baikal (Russian).
Bolivar [Liberator] (American brig), Nye, master.
California (American), Arther, master.
California (Mexican schooner).
Catalina (Mexican bark), Snook, master.
Clarita (Mexican bark), Wolter, master.
Clementine (English brig), Blinn, master. John A. Sutter arrived on this ship as passenger from Hawaiian Islands.
Corsair (American brig), Wm. S. Hinckley, captain and supercargo, with full cargo of merchandise; brought the first gristmill for Spear, from Callao.
[Daniel O'Connell (English brig), Andrés Murcilla, master.]
Elvantes (Peruvian).
[Fama, Hoyer, master, A. B. Thompson, owner and supercargo.]
Index (English bark), Scott, master.
[Isabella (schooner), Spear, owner.]
Juan José (Colombian brig), Duncan, master, Pedrorena, supercargo.
[Llama (brig), Bancroft, master.]
Maria (whaler).
Monsoon (American ship), [George] Vincent, master, [Thomas Shaw, supercargo].
[Nicholás (schooner), Spear, owner.]
[Nymph (American schooner), Henry Paty, master and supercargo.]
Shaw, supercargo, June 2nd.
Sulphur (English man-of-war), [Edward] Belcher, commander.
Alciope (American ship), Clap, master.
Alert (American), [William D.] Phelps, captain.
Angelina (French ship), N. Jena, captain.
Ayacucho (English brig), Wilson, master.
Bolivar [Liberator] (American brig), Nye, captain.
California (Mexican), T. M. Robbins, master.
Daniel O’Connell (Colombian).
Don Quixote (American bark), Paty, captain.
Elena (Russian), S. Vallivade, captain.
Forager (English).
Index (English bark), Scott, master.
[Isabella (schooner), Spear, owner.]
Joseph Peabody (American brig), Dominis, master.
[Jóven Guipuzcoana (Mexican bark), Joseph Snook, master.]
Juan José (Colombian brig), Thos. Duncan, master.
Lausanne (American), Spalding, captain.
Monsoon (American ship), Geo. Vincent, master.
Morse (American schooner), Henry Paty, captain.
Nikolai (Russian), Kuprianof, master.
[Nicholás (schooner), Spear, owner.]
St. Louis (U.S. sloop-of-war), Forrest, commander.
[Tasso (bark), Hastings, master, Everett, supercargo.]
Union (American schooner).
Alert (American), Phelps, master.
Ayacucho (English brig), Wilson, master.
[Ayacucho (French schooner), Limantour, master.]
Bolina (Mexican schooner), trading on the coast.
Bolivar [Liberator] (American brig), G. H. Nye, master.
California (Mexican Government schooner), Cooper, master.
Catalina (Mexican brig), Chris. Hansen, master.
Chato (Mexican brig), Machado, master.
Clarita (Mexican bark), Wolter, master.
Columbia (English bark), Humphries, master.
Cowlitz (English bark), Brotchie, captain.
Don Quixote (American bark), Paty, master.
Eliza (French whaler), Malherbe, master.
Flying Fish (American), Knox, master.
George Henry (American bark), Stephen Smith, owner and master.
Hamilton (American), Hand, captain.
Index (English bark), Scott, master.
[Isabella (schooner), Spear, owner.]
Jóven Carolina (Colombian [Ecuadorian] brig), Miguelón, captail, from Guayquil, March.
Juan Diego (Mexican schooner).
Julia Ann (American schooner), from New York, Wm. A. Leidesdorff, master.
Lahaina (English whaler).
Lausanne (American), Steel, captain.
Leónidas (Mexican brig), Stokes, master.
Llama (American), Jones, captain.
Maryland (American schooner).
[Ninfa, H. D. Fitch, master.]
Orizaba (Mexican transport).
Porpoise (American brig), Ringgold, commander, attached to the Vincennes (exploring expedition.), The sloop-of-war Peacock of the same expedition was lost on the Columbia River bar, and her officers and crew were rescued by the other vessels before mentioned.
Tasso (American bark), Hastings, master.
Vincennes (American), flag-ship of Commodore Wilkes exploring expedition.
Yorktown (U.S. man-of-war), Aulick, commander.
Alert (American), Phelps, master.
Alex. Barclay (German whaler).
Barnstable (American), Hatch, master.
Bolivar [Liberator] (American brig), G. H. Nye, master.
California (American), Arthur, master.
California (Mexican Government schooner), Cooper, master.
Catalina (Mexican brig), Hansen, master.
Chato (Mexican), brought General Micheltorena and landed him and his troops at San Diego.
Clarita (Mexican bark), Wolter, master.
Constante (Chilian ship), F. Unamano, master.
Cyane (U.S. ship-of-war), Stribling [Stringham], commander.
Don Quixote (American bark), Paty, master, [William Heath Davis, supercargo].
Esmeralda (Mexican brig), Hugo Reid, master.
Fama (American ship), Hoyer, master.
Fernando (Mexican brig).
Index (English bark), Wilson, master.
Jenny (Hamburg), John Mein, master.
Jóven Fanita (Mexican schooner), Limantour, master.
Jóven Guipuzcoana (Mexican bark), Snook, master.
Julia Ann (American schooner), Leidesdorff, master.
Llama (American), Jones, master.
Maryland (American brig), Blinn, master.
Palatina (Mexican), came from the Mexican Coast.
Primavera (Mexican brig), A. Chienes, master.
Relief (U.S. store-ship), J. Sterrett, commander.
Republicano (Mexican brig), Machado, master.
Tasso (American bark), Hastings, master.
United States [(American frigate)], Commodore Jones' flagship, Captain Armstrong, commander.
[Admittance (American), Peterson, master, Henry Mellus, supercargo.]
[Barnstable (ship), Hatch, master.]
[Cyane (U.S. ship-of-war), Stribling [Stringham], commander.]
Don Quixote (American bark), John Paty, master, [William Heath Davis, supercargo].
Fanny, February 1st.
George Henry (American bark), Stephen Smith, master, from Peru with Mrs. Smith, her mother and Manuel Torres as passengers.
Vandalia (American), Everett, master.
[Admittance (American), Peterson, master.]
California (American), Arther, master.
California (Mexican Government schooner), Cooper, master.
Clarita (Mexican bark), J. Vioget, master, September 5th.
Constantine (Chilian), February 27th.
[Don Quixote (American bark), John Paty, master.]
Fama (American), G. H. Nye, master, [Hoyer, captain].
[Hibernia (whaler), Jim Smith, master.]
Juanita (English schooner), Wilson, October 11.
Julia, Dalton, master.
[Lion (French), Bonnet, master.]
Sterling (American), [George] Vincent, master, March 29th.
Trinidad, October 11.
Vandalia (American), Everett, master.
[Admittance (ship), Peterson, master.]
Argo (whaler), October 23rd.
California (American), Arther, master.
Catalina (Mexican brig).
Clarita (Mexican bark), J. Vioget, master.
Cowlitz (English bark), Brotchie, master.
[Don Quixote (American bark), Paty, master, William Heath Davis, supercargo.]
Fama (American), G. H. Nye, master, May 28th.
Farisco, Yndarte, master, October 2nd.
Jóven Guipuzcoana (Mexican bark), Orbell, master.
Juanita (English schooner), Wilson, master.
Julia, Dalton, master, September 29th.
[Magnolia (whaler), Simmons, master.]
Maria, F. W. Holstein, master, December 19th.
Matador, Natchin, master, October 30th.
Primavera (Mexican brig), Chienes, master, May 23rd.
Star of the West, lost off Monterey Bay (already mentioned).
[Sterling (ship), Vincent, master.]
Tasso (American bark), Hastings, master [Libbey, master].
Vandalia (American), Everett, master.
Alfredo, March 2nd.
Angola (American bark), S. Varney, master, June 17th.
[Barnstable, Henry Mellus?, master.]
[Brooklyn (American ship), July 31st. ]
California (Mexican Government schooner), Cooper, master.
[Collingwood (English flagship).]
[Congress (U. S. frigate).]
[Cyane (U. S. flagship), Dupont, master.]
[Dale (U. S. Sloop-of-war).]
Don Quixote (Hawaiian bark), John Paty, master, March 10th.
Euphemia (Hawaiian brig), Thos. Russom, master, March 31st.
Fanny (whaler), February 3rd.
Hannah (American brig), March 25th. John F. Schander, master.
Maria Teresa, May 11th.
Moscow (American bark), W. D. Phelps, master, March 10th.
[Portsmouth (U. S. Sloop-of-war), Montgomery, master.]
[Savannah (U. S. flagship), Mervine, master.]
[Warren (U. S. Sloop-of-war), Hull, master.]
[Vandalia (ship), Everett, master.]
Anais (French), July 21st.
Angolo (American bark), S. Varney, master.
Anita (American bark).
Barnstable (American ship), Hall, master.
[Columbus (American line-of-battle ship).]
Commodore Shubrick (American schooner), July 6th, November 13th.
Currency Lass (French schooner).
Elizabeth (American brig), Cheevers, master.
Euphemia (Hawaiian brig), Russom, master, November.
Eveline (American brig).
Henry (American brig).
Jóven Guipuzcoana (Mexican bark).
Laura Ann (English schooner).
Malek Adhel (American brig).
María Helena (Chilian).
Mary Ann (Hawaiian schooner).
Mathilde (Danish).
[Natalia (bark), Manuel Luco, supercargo.]
Primavera (Mexican schooner).
Providence (American schooner), July 24th.
[Tasso (bark), Libbey, master, Teschemacher, supercargo.]
T. H. Benton (American), July 21st.
Tónica (American schooner).
William (American brig).
Adeaida (Chilian).
Anita (American bark), Quarter-master's vessel.
Charles (American ship), David Carter, supercargo.
[Eagle (American brig). February.]
Euphemia (Hawaiian brig), Russom, master.
Eveline (American brig).
[Jóven Guipuzcoana (Mexican bark).]
La Flecha (Spanish).
Lady Adams (American brig), Coffin, supercargo. James Lick came in her as a passenger from Callao, Peru.
Laura Ann (English brig).
Louisa (Hawaiian)
Malek Adhel (American brig).
Mary (Hawaiian schooner).
Natalia (Chilian bark), Juan Manuel Luco, supercargo and owner.
[Olga (bark), Bull, master.]
Providence (American schooner).
S. S. (Hawaiian schooner).
Starling (Hawaiian).
After the receipt of the list of arrivals of vessels from Mr. Forbes, it reminded me of revising my former estimate of the export of hides and tallow from 1828 to 1847, a period of twenty years, of thirty-three vessels with cargoes in the aggregate of 1,068,000 hides. I have taken the year 1800, the time the missions were fairly started in the raising of livestock, down to their impoverishment; but the enterprise was continued by the hacendados in the only wealth of the department already mentioned. I find in the list before me that the vessels were numerous which visited California in those primitive days. I have taken the years 1800 to 1847, and I find the arrivals were 600 vessels of all sizes and nationalities. In my conjecture I take 200 of them, which is certainly a liberal deduction, and allow to each 1,000 hides exported yearly. This will give a total of 9,400,000 hides for 200 vessels for forty-seven years. The tallow that was exported during the same period would be two arrobas for each hide, giving a total of 18,800,000 arrobas of tallow. I think it perfectly accurate to estimate the exportation of hides and tallow for forty-seven years at 5,000,000 hides and 10,000,000 arrobas of tallow, a deduction of nearly one-half from the first calculation, but not the increase of cattle on 600,000, 900,000 and 1,200,000 head at different periods of the forty-seven years as will be observed. In other words, the cattle which were killed yearly as an income to the department kept those animals from overrunning the immense territory of over 700 miles of coast. Probably my first figures are the more correct of the two estimates.

The readers can judge for themselves which of the two will give the most knowledge concerning those articles which constituted the leading commerce in the primitive days of the department of California.

Anterior to the year 1800 there were many cattle slaughtered by the missions; surely the hides and tallow, as articles of commerce from time immemorial, were not thrown to the wild beasts of the forests to feed on, but were bought by merchants and traders and shipped to different parts of the world, as the memorandum of shipping on my table will fully attest.

Source: Davis, William Heath. Seventy-five Years in San Francisco. 1929: San Francisco.

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